Probate services

  • Obtain the Grant of Probate & Letters of Administration within 30 working days for an inclusive fee*
  • Our Regulated Solicitors obtain the Grant and complete the full estate administration for a fixed fee
  • Zero fee property sale service and discounted conveyancing work for transfer of titles or property sale
  • Discounted published statutory notices in the London Gazette and local newspaper to protect you from challenges to the estate
  • Stop unwanted mail addressed to the deceased and safeguard against identity theft for free
  • Notify multiple companies such as, Barclays, HSBC and British Gas about the bereavement for a fixed fee of £25 including VAT

Grant of Probate & Letters of Administration only

Grant of Probate & Letters of Administration is required when there is property held in the deceased’s sole name or as tenants in common, which needs to be transferred or sold.

A Grant will be required if there are savings, shares or investments held in the deceased’s sole name and the financial institutions holding those savings ask for a Grant of Probate to release the funds.

Affinion can help deliver the Grant of Probate & Letters of Administration at a lower cost and much faster than traditional Probate providers. We endeavor to obtain the Grant for only £489* (inclusive of VAT), and within just 30 working days*, both of which are industry leading.

Our expert advisors take the time to understand your personal situation and what matters to you most. We are efficient, accurate and fast in the delivery of our services as we specialise only in providing Probate and nothing else.

Grant of Probate with full Estate Administration

Estate Administration is the process of dealing with the deceased’s estate and the legal and tax matters. This includes dealing with their assets (such as property, shares and possessions), paying any debts and distributing the proceeds to the beneficiaries. Applying for the Grant of Probate and administering an estate typically takes 8 - 12 months to complete, dependent upon the size and legal complexity involved.

This service is delivered for a fixed price and there are no upfront costs to pay, as the fee is taken from the estate.

Your dedicated Case Manager will keep you updated on the progress of your case, including developments with institutions such as HM Revenue & Customs, HM Court Service, the Department of Work and Pensions and all the relevant financial institutions during the Estate Administration.


If there is a property in the estate it may require a transfer of ownership or be sold. For a discounted fee Affinion can help to:

  • Transfer the ownership of property from the sole name of the deceased to the beneficiaries
  • Transfer the ownership of jointly owned property from the deceased to the surviving joint owner
  • Arrange for the sale of the property with our unique no fee fully managed property sales service

Statutory Notices

Section 27 of the Trustee Act 1925 enables Personal Representatives to protect themselves from liability against any claims from creditors of the deceased’s estate.

This includes:

  • Advertising the intention to convey or distribute the estate through a notice placed in The London Gazette and the deceased’s local newspaper
  • Setting out a period of at least 2 months for any interested parties to send the particulars of any claim they may have to the Personal Representative
  • The data shared will only be used for posting the statutory notices

Affinion Bereavement Notification Service

A notification service to quickly inform banks, building societies, utility providers and insurance companies about the recent bereavement.

This service enables accounts to be frozen so that the deceased’s identity and assets can be protected. Once the companies have received the notification they may contact you to request further information as part of their process.

This service is most helpful just after the bereavement as there are many things to do. Informing companies at an early stage helps to protect the deceased’s identity from theft and fraud. Using Affinion’s service will help to save you time and inconvenience.

To inform non-commercial organisations, the ‘Tell Us Once’ service is very helpful for informing government departments about the recent bereavement.

The only information shared will be the deceased’s name, date of death and address. No other personal information or account details will be shared.

Stop unwanted mail to the home of the deceased

Receiving mail addressed to the deceased can be very distressing. We can help to stop mail being sent to the address of the deceased by registering with ‘The Bereavement Register’.

This service is completely free of charge and within 2-3 months of registering all marketing and sales literature will stop.

The data shared will only be used to remove the name of the deceased from mailing lists and to prevent identity fraud. No other personal information or account details will be shared.

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