Estate Administration Services

Obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration enables the person administering an Estate to realise all of the assets from the deceased’s Estate. After that they need to collect in all the assets, pay any liabilities, calculate and settle any capital gains tax liabilities and distribute the Estate proceeds in accordance with the Will or rules of intestacy where there is no Will.

For customers who prefer to have this whole process looked after for them, Affinion offer a full Estate Administration service. It includes obtaining the Grant of Probate or letters of Administration (to understand these please see here and then all the additional work that is required to administer the Estate to the point where the beneficiaries are paid.

This includes:

  1. Estate Assessment
    1. Review the Will or apply rules of intestacy
    2. Contact and advise all personal representatives of their role
    3. Contact and ID check all beneficiaries
    4. Notify all relevant financial institutions of the death and obtain asset valuations
    5. Undertake Land Registry checks
    6. Apply property insurance if applicable
  2. Estate Valuation
    1. Obtain assets values
    2. Obtain HMRC compliant property valuations
    3. Establish any outstanding liabilities
    4. Take steps to identify gifts made within the last 7 years
    5. Arrange for joint holdings to be transferred to the surviving owner
    6. Liaise with HMRC regarding income tax position to the date of death
  3. Grant application
    1. Prepare a detailed schedule of assets and liabilities
    2. Complete and submit the correct Inheritance tax return
    3. Complete and submit the Probate application
    4. Place legal notices to protect the Personal Representative from personal liability
  4. Collecting in the assets and settle any liabilities
    1. Send the Grant to financial institutions that have requested it to release the funds
    2. Prepare the transfer of any shares or investments
    3. Prepare property transfer forms
    4. Settle any liabilities
    5. Assess any claims on the Estate
    6. Identify any Capital Gains Tax due
    7. Liaise with HMRC to finalise the Income Tax affairs in the year to date of death
  5. Initial distribution to beneficiaries
    1. Set up any trusts created by the Will
    2. Transfer property to the beneficiaries
    3. Transfer assets to beneficiaries
    4. Prepare an interim set of estate accounts
    5. Conduct bankruptcy searches of the beneficiaries
    6. Make electronic payment to the beneficiaries
    7. Confirm with the beneficiaries the amount paid to them and outline the next steps in the administration process
  6. Estate accounts and final distribution
    1. Pay the final liabilities
    2. Ensure Income Tax position for the Estate Administration period has been finalised
    3. Ensure Capital Gains Tax has been calculated, paid and clearance received
    4. Ensure all assets have been confirmed as sold or transferred
    5. Prepare a final set of Estate Accounts detailing all financial transactions during the estate administration process
    6. Send the Estate Accounts to the Personal Representatives for approval
    7. Prepare Estate Income Tax certificates for the beneficiaries
    8. Once approved, distribute the final amounts due to the beneficiaries
    9. Register any relevant Trust with HMRC


Affinion Probate services offer this complete service from as little as £995 plus VAT and disbursements and the fees for the work are taken from the Estate prior to distribution to the beneficiaries, ie there is nothing to pay upfront. If you would like to discuss the service or obtain a quote, we would be happy to advise you.